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Status of the current prototype build

Work-In-Progress Images

Here is a small collection of images from the current project, with examples of some of the features and elements of the game and its interface. These images are from the current Windows-only build of the game.

Menu Screen for the Making Mars project

This is the title screen for the game; you can see the two games in testing, Mars Workshop and Mars Express, as well as the menu options leading to the Clinician Interfaces for each game and then the Metrics Data visualization and tracking screens.

Mars Workshop playfield screen

This is an in-game image from Mars Workshop, a puzzle game based on design cues from match-3 puzzles and using the metaphor of making “widgets” using parts delivered via an always-moving conveyor belt. I will cover the specific features of this game in a future post.

Mars Express Route Planning screen

This is the Route Planning interface for Mars Express, a game about routing and managing a rover on the surface of Mars delivering water and cargo between the various colonies. In this screen you use a false-color topo map of a generated theoretical Mars surface (this is generated randomly for each play of the game) and use a cursor and route (the dotted line) to plot an efficient path between the [S] and [E] points. As you calculate the route, you can see that the cost of the route is calculated live, so you are allowed to backtrack and work with the route’s path to minimize cost.

Mars Express in-game screen, showing the Rover in action

This is an image of Mars Express in the Driving phase of the game. The player is responsible for changing gear to keep the rover moving on the terrain, and keeping a navigation satellite in view of the communications dish in order to maintain forward movement. The player can also adjust the route to dodge rocks in the path of the rover as it travels.

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